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Are you struggling with social media for your business?

You need an online presence in order to reach your audience but it feels so overwhelming.  Social media platforms are ever changing (sometimes daily) and there are so many bits and pieces to take care of.

You need some help with planning your content, managing your platforms and engaging with your audience.

My mission is simple. I’ll teach you how to plan, manage and engage on your own or you can hand your social media tasks to me, either way I’m here to assist you.

  • Creating and curating content to post
  • Optimizing and scheduling posts to each platform
  • Engaging with your target audience on your page and in your group
  • Keeping up with all the technology and new features!

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About Me

Consistency, connection and engagement

As a lifelong horsewoman and multi-pet owner I embraced the “internet” when it first appeared. I was so excited to learn that I could connect with other horse and pet folks through online forums and groups.  How we were able to bridge a connection in spite of physical distance.

We shared our trials, tribulations, successes and losses together, as an online community.

I’m still connected with many of the same groups and organizations today, but now we’ve moved onto social media platforms.  We’re able to engage with each other in real time and share pictures, videos and stories, sometimes “live” and “in the moment” which is amazing!

I’ve built my own business through a consistent and engaging online presence on social media and it’s something that takes time, patience and a commitment to being authentic with others.  

Simply put, people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Happy Clients

Let’s get together and map out a plan of action for your social media so you can get connected with your audience – they’re waiting for you!

Simply the best. Lisa is one of the most diligent and organized people you will ever meet. She is in tune with the struggles we all face as business owners and knows how to be effective and save time doing so.Richard R.

Happy Client

Happy Clients

Let’s get together and map out a plan of action for your social media so you can get connected with your audience – they’re waiting for you!

Great attention to detail with extreme professionalism. I’m so glad to have Lisa on my extended team.Susan P.

Happy Client

Lisa has been phenomenal to team up with! She does GREAT work, she’s patient, and always willing to learn something new. So glad she’s here for us.Stéphanie M.

Happy Client

If you need someone in your corner who is smart, efficient, and reliable, Lisa is your answer. And even more importantly, she is one of the most honest, ethical, and joyful people I know.Carol E.

Happy Client


Before you can sell a service or product to someone you need to connect with them and one way to make that connection is to develop your presence on social media.

Plan, Manage, Engage

You Name It, I’ll Be There To Help.


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