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Hi!  I’m Lisa Galletti and I provide administrative support services to solo and small practice accounting professionals, consultants and creative entrepreneurs.  Think of me as a customizable asset to your growing practice…..a “helping hand” with an eye for detail and spot-on accuracy.   

I complete your To-Do List!

Administrative Support Services

What’s on your To-Do List?

See how I can help manage your projects & tasks

Data & Spreadsheet Management – This can be anything from updating information in a database to creating and maintaining spreadsheets. You gain the benefit of spot-on accuracy from my many years of being a “rock star” payroll specialist.

Document Management – Need your business form templates updated with new logos or information? I have an eagle eye for detail and can edit, proofread & format business templates, forms, surveys, questionnaires and reports.

Email Management – Do you have a gazillion unopened emails in your inbox right now?  I can monitor your incoming messages, remove spam and junk mail, and alert you to urgent matters.

Business Continuity Planning – Do you have a plan in place if something should unexpectedly happen to you?  Who will take over the critical tasks and contact clients in an emergency?  And speaking of critical tasks, do you have everything documented in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so a trusted associate can take the wheel and guide your business in your absence?  I can assist with determining what tasks and services are most essential, documenting those workflow processes and compiling them into an online and/or a desk manual for you so you’re prepared for the “what ifs…..”


Content Management Services

Blog posts, online articles & more…

See how I can help manage your online content!



***Coming Soon***

Podcast Production Support Services 

Reach out to me for more information!


Research – Apps, software, processes, places, people, anything & everything. I can assist in finding information online for you on a variety of topics so you don’t fall into the “time trap” of the internet.

Blog Posts & Online Articles  – You create your content and let me proof, edit, format and add relevant images to your blogs and online articles.  I’ll then schedule and publish on WordPress and other media platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium.

Facebook Biz Page Management –  Not enough time in your busy day to keep up with managing your Facebook business page?  Let me take care of those routine tasks for you!  Researching articles to share, creating quote posts, managing your posting calendar & scheduling posts, optimization of posts, monthly analytics reports & strategy meetings. I’ll notify you of responses/customer inquiries that may need a reply from you, add & delete members and keep your content in front of your audience.

Payroll & Bookkeeping Services

Need some assistance with the numbers?

See how I can help with your accounting tasks!

Payroll Consulting – Researching and troubleshooting of payroll issues.  Follow me on Facebook at the Payroll Ace to stay up-to-date on all things payroll!

Payroll File Set Up – Complete and accurate payroll file set up to get you off to a good start.

Bookkeeping Tasks – Assistance with invoicing, expense reporting, account reconciliation and set up of recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

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Lisa has been phenomenal to team up with! She does GREAT work, she’s patient, and always willing to learn something new. So glad she’s here for us.

Stéphanie M.

About Me

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Just a few snippets about me.

My professional background covers more than two decades in accounting and payroll.  It’s work that requires an eye for detail, spot-on accuracy and the knowledge that no matter how small the task, it all matters.

My mission with my administrative consulting is simple.  You need some help and I’m here to assist you.

At times working on your own can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially when you wear all the hats. You may feel a bit lonely and does your work even matter to others?  Well I’m here to listen to what you need help with, to be a part of your team, to cheer you on and to help you complete that seemingly endless To-Do List.   

To know that my assistance, even with the smallest of tasks, can help folks achieve their goals….that’s what gives me the greatest joy and satisfaction.      

Lisa Galletti administrative support services pony treking

In my spare time I’m Chief Pony Wrangler for my small herd of miniature horses that I drive and compete with at shows around northern California.

I’m also a huge fan of comedy, a voracious reader of medieval romance novels, an animal lover (especially dogs, cats and ponies) and an aficionado of rustic Italian food…’s in my genes LOL.


If you need someone in your corner who is smart, efficient, and reliable, Lisa is your answer. She will not only handle your back office “tasks”, but is brilliant at coming up with and implementing workflows and solutions that will make your business less of a burden and more of a joy. In addition to many years of experience and the wisdom that comes with that, she is a constant student of back office efficiency, which is so important in today’s fast changing “app” based culture. And even more importantly, she is one of the most honest, ethical, and joyful people I know.

Carol E.

Why Choose Me

So why pay someone to tackle those day to day administrative tasks you can complete yourself?   

To help you answer that question, take a glance below at what you might gain from handing your To-Do List over to me…..

More Energy

Energy is a limited commodity that comes at a premium when you’re running a business. If you spend it all on back-end work, it depletes the reserves you have for creativity, brainstorming, marketing, developing your business and working with clients.

Faster progress

You can’t be a master of all things. And if you don’t excel at certain work, it will be harder and take you longer to accomplish. By partnering with me more of your work gets done at a faster rate than if you tackle it all on your own.

Better focus

Trying to keep up with every detail yourself can overwhelm and distract you. Your focus is better targeted to your clients, your products and your business. I can help shoulder the load so you can home in on your goals.

More resources

Problem-solving powers are multiplied, two brains are better than one. By leveraging my assistance and expertise, my knowledge, experience and resources are available for you to fully utilize. These assets become a competitive advantage for your business.

More money

When you have more time, energy and focus to devote to working with clients, marketing and developing your business, you can concentrate on making more money. It’s as simple as that.

Easier Business

When you collaborate with me I can help improve and streamline your systems (and give feedback) so your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Bottom line?  

You spend less time on daily operational tasks and more time building your business.

Whether you need help with a one-time project or ongoing monthly assistance, I can complete your To-Do List!


Lisa@ The Payroll Ace is awesome. We have used her to assist with some client cleanup projects when they have old payroll messes that needed some extra care. We also appreciate her vacation coverage!

Julie B.

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Simply the best. Lisa is one of the most diligent and organized people you will ever meet. She is in tune with the struggles we all face as business owners and knows how to be effective and save time doing so.

Richard R.

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